Photograph courtesy of King Raedwald of the East Angles.

It’s nice to know that this blog has the royal seal of approval. As any scop worth his salt knows it is important to keep a king happy otherwise he could most easily find himself outcast, fated to wander among the courts, begging here or there for a crust of bread. Like the unfortunate Deor ejected from the hall of the Heodenings. I took the opportunity to enquire of the King certain facts about his attire. Luckily for me Lord Raedwald was in cheery mood. There was no talk of crows feasting on my entrails. If anything he had about him a rather avuncular air. We chatted about when we last met. He suggested that I get on with his story rather than singing about this or that rubbish of no concern to him. He reminded me of those lines from Deor:

Then came Heorrenda,

whose lays were skilful; the lord of the fighting men

settled on him the estate bestowed once on me

(Trans. Michael Alexander)

He did suggest in addition, although he refrained as I have said from mentioning any crows metaphorical or otherwise, that should I be tempted to cast myself in the role of Fool to his Lear that there is always a spare place on the gallows for the unwise.