King Rædwald was at Sutton Hoo this weekend with a small war-band. In addition to the King himself, it was this scop’s privilege to converse with one of his closest thanes, who was wearing an interesting helmet of Swedish design. The craftsmanship of the clothing and war-gear was breathtaking. The pen is mightier than the sword they say but of course not always … In closely examining the kingly sword, in admiring its deadly beauty, and even wielding it a little, its edge seemed sharp enough to cut a ghost in two. A weighty adversary for my pen. To be as elegantly jewelled and sharp is a worthy goal for a tale.

I spied the King and his kinsman crossing sacred ground.

This thane was most courteous.

A cloud came of a sudden across the sun and we were dwellers on the threshold of another world.

This blog is now on a hiatus.